Who We Regulate

Forex Markets Authority


Businesses, professionals and markets regulated by Forex Markets Authority 

The table outlines the entities we regulate through direct licensing or authorisation, and those who are licensed or registered by other agencies but may be subject to elements of laws we enforce. We also take an interest in other products and markets not directly in our remit but linked to financial markets.

Sector FMA licensed/authorised Licensed or registered by others1

Retail product and service providers

  • Derivatives Issuers (DI)
  • Foreign exchange providers
  • Banks2
  • Non-bank deposit takers2
  • Insurers2

Advisers and discretionary managers

  • Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS) providers
  • Authorised Financial Advisers (AFAs)
  • Qualifying Financial Entities (QFEs)

Registered Financial Advisers (RFAs)2

Infrastructure providers

  • Licensed financial product markets
  • Designated settlement systems


Alternative capital raising

  • Peer-to-peer lending providers
  • Crowdfunding providers

Certain other products and markets, eg cryptocurrency exchanges

Frontline regulators

  • Supervisors
  • Licensed independent trustees
  • NZX (Regulation)
  • Accredited audit bodies
  •  Registered audit firms3
  • Licensed auditors4

Other market participants

International auditors and audit firms

  • Brokers2
  • Custodians2
  • Providers of products and services to wholesale clients2



Debt and equity offers, and related financial reporting5

1 - We do not license these market participants but oversee them to some extent.
2 - Registered on the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR)
3 - Registered on the auditor’s register
4 - Licensed by accredited audit body
5 - Registered on the Disclose register